Belarc currently has several white papers, and product papers in circulation.

Please send us an email with the title of the white paper(s) you wish to receive, the reason for your interest in IT system management, and where you learned about Belarc: whitepapers@belarc.com

  • Software License Management - Reduce financial risks, lower IT spending, improve operations and IT security.
  • ITAM is broken - what's the future? - The need for automation in ITAM today.
  • Discovery and Usage data for Software License Management - Is Microsoft SCCM the best solution?
  • Securing the Enterprise - Myths and Reality - Enterprise-wide, standards-based, continuous monitoring of automated security controls.
  • Cyber Security Monitoring Services - Why and how to implement
  • Measuring cyber insurance risk - proposal for innovative insurance companies


  • Belarc & Microsoft's SCCM - Belarc's products and Microsoft's SCCM product were designed around very different architectures and for different purposes.
    In many ways these products are excellent complements to help IT organizations manage their distributed IT assets.
    This paper describes the architectural differences and discusses the different roles that each product plays in the IT organization.
  • Comparison of Belarc and ServiceNow Discovery - compares the products based on system architecture, automation and accuracy.
  • Belarc Product Descriptions - A short paper describing how Belarc's products are used.
  • Mapping the NIST SP 800-53 (rev 4) security controls to Belarc's products.