BelPower - App for Microsoft Power BI

Combining the best ITAM discovery with the best business intelligence. BelPower is our interface and reports for Microsoft Power BI. This allows you to use Power BI to view your BelManage data, create new customized reports, and share these Power BI reports with others in your organization.

See what BelPower - App for Microsoft Power BI can do for your company

Native on Microsoft Power BI platform

  • Easy to create new or modify reports.
  • Easy to share reports with others in your organization
  • Easy to add additional data sources to reports via Connectors: Active Active Directory, SAP, Excel, PDF, SharePoint, SQL Server, Oracle DB,...

Out of the box reports based on BelManage data

  • Complete, accurate, up to date ITAM and Security data.

BelPower - App for Microsoft Power BI Screenshots

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Belarc's cloud architecture for single source of enterprise wide ITAM data

BelManage automatically creates an accurate and up-to-date central repository (CMDB), consisting of detailed software, hardware, and security configurations.

To try BelManage, request a demo and we will give you access to our hosted demo server. Please tell us your organization's name and the reason for your interest. Your phone number and number of computers are helpful, but optional.